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Anaplan brings planning ownership back to finance.

Finance is constantly expected to deliver greater detail with fewer errors, and in less time. Standalone spreadsheets and complex systems do not help. To manage the fast moving and unique nature of SaaS (Software as a Service) you need to be able to jumpstart your planning experience and configure changes to match the nuances of your business. With Anaplan’s Planning App for SaaS you can do just that; plan, model, analyse, and report across metrics that matter including monthly recurring revenue (MRR), cost of customer acquisition (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), renewals, churn and more.


As companies struggle with the uncertainties of rapidly recovering markets and global instabilities, many have come to realize that they cannot plan and forecast with the speed and agility they require. Improving their planning and budgeting processes continues to be their high priority. When they look for new solutions, they are confronted with a bewildering array of choices and are forced to decide between cloud, on premise, and-in house solutions. Further, they have to decide between automating their current processes or selecting a solution with functionality that will allow their organization to explore newer methodologies, such as driver-based budgeting and Integrated Business Planning, that are delivering transformational benefits.

Anaplan offers an empowering solution that will:

Anaplan offers an empowering solution that will:

  • Reduce cycle time and effort of plans, budgets, and forecasts
  • Jumpstart time to value through pre-built planning content for SaaS-based businesses
  • Increase ownership of the financial planning process
  • Drive a collaborative ‘big picture’’ with connected plans across Finance, Sales, Operations, HR
  • Increase accuracy and target achievement with driver based models, real-time calculations and automatic rollup across plans and reports
  • Increase plan precision with broad collaboration and point-of-impact participation
  • Seamlessly align strategic plan, corporate plan, budget, and forecast; top-down and bottom-up

On top of these market leading features, Anaplan offers a suite of predictive analytics methods that can be applied to a huge range of modelling use cases across sales, finance, supply chain and more. This offers Smart companies the fast numbers that set them appart from their competition. 

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