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Sure, we are leading innovation in Enterprise Planning Management software. Yes our product is arguably the most sophisticated one in its class. But our product alone does not make heroes of our customers. Our Customer Success Team does. A position on our team gives you the opportunity to take the “service” in “software as a service” to a whole new level, and enjoy rapid career growth while you’re at it.



Are you a seasoned business consultant in the technology space with a yearning to change the way people plan? Do you enjoy diving into issues and designing solutions?  Are you detail-oriented yet able to communicate at a high level? Do you enjoy knowing that your work has significantly improved your client’s life?


Then this job is for you.



In this role, you will drive and lead customer resources to assess, design, build and deliver commercially viable Anaplan planning and analytics solutions. Your role will be to own a portfolio of Anaplan customers and ensure their continual success. Your first order of business with a new client is to ensure a smooth and rapid first implementation in line with the processes the customer wants to manage inside the Anaplan Platform.


You’ll be someone who is not afraid to advise a company in Sales Operations one day, then HR the next. Anaplan’s Platform is diverse across multiple use cases and industries. We truly go across the entire business so you’ll need to be flexible and have at least a decent knowledge of business process.


It means you need to take all your experience in business process, technology and client management and combine them to guide and manage the customer to an appropriate solution. It sometimes means you need to re-direct a customer in the most tactful way possible in order for them to have a smooth first implementation. You also need to ‘teach the customer to fish’. It means you need to make them self-sufficient so that they can expand beyond their first process in Anaplan and quickly make Anaplan their spine of decision making in the business.


You also need to build your village. Very quickly you need to establish a set of resources that can help you make the portfolio of customers you are responsible for, successful. That means you need to establish strong ties to your local partner ecosystem, as well as ties to internal resources that can help you make your customers successful. This will include forging links with Executives, Product Management, Engineering and Support, to name just a few. You’ll need to be a mover and a shaker and someone who can influence people to get things done.


This entails:


•Ability to model build on the Anaplan Platform to an advanced level

•Ability to design not just an Anaplan solution but take into account the wider technology solution and ecosystem

•Ability to manage the client, advise on the best way to translate their business process into Anaplan and ultimately be able to guide the customer to success using previous best practices and ensuring we make the customer successful

•Understanding clients’ financial and operational management processes and transforming them into Business Requirements, then user stories then to multi-dimensional technologies.

•Understanding how to translate what they want to do into Anaplan, not just taking an existing poor process done in XL or other tool and re-creating it in Anaplan

•Reviewing use cases and conceiving and executing proof-of-concept models.

•Managing numerous projects simultaneously, adhering to SOW’s, Project Milestones, etc.

•Executing work plans in global time zones, both on-site or remote

•You’ll also be someone who can take a complex issue and break it down into simple, manageable steps or milestones



•Business Acumen








•Active listener



•An advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialisation in consulting

•5-10+ years of business consulting/implementation experience with multi-dimensional systems such as Cognos, Hyperion, Business Objects, TM1 etc. or spreadsheets

•Strong client facing skills and a successful track record of engagement management

•Subject matter expertise in financial or operational management systems, including financial modeling expertise

•Ability to translate from model-building in Excel to multi-dimensional technologies.

•Strong understanding of data integration (inbound and outbound)

In depth knowledge of at least 2 industry verticals (e.g. Finance, CPG/Retail, Energy, SOE, etc.) strongly preferred.







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