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Agile Resource Planning

FlowPlanAgile Resource Planning

Agile Resource Planning

Let us be realistic, ERP does not deliver quickly. Neither is optimisation incidental or do markets remain static while implementation happens.

Neither are Spreadsheets meant to manage your complex enterprise planning processes. Although spreadsheets are an important part of business, more often than not they are pushed way beyond their means.

Ventana Research found that 9 out of 10 businesses still use spreadsheets to plan, budget, analyse, and report. This is shocking. A complex enterprise simply cannot compete in today’s rapidly changing economy by managing static data in standalone spreadsheets.

Taking these risks and experiencing the related frustration is totally uncalled for today. With Anaplan’s “what-if” scenario management capability, immediately create, share, and compare scenarios across the business. Manage scenarios on plans and even on master data to simulate adding products, changing sources, and routings. Leverage change history, annotations, and assumption tracking on scenarios.

Business Planning is A Process

You’ll start to see FlowPlan results fast. But you have to keep in mind, market dynamics change continuously so your Toolbox needs to allow for agility in continuously updating models in real-time, and without the cost or the wait for IT or consultants. The FlowPlan process delivers natural results fast and realistic implementation value while the ecology of people, process and price is enhanced.

Is Business PlanningReally all that?

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